Electronic Discovery Cases

Below are representative cases of DisputeSoft’s experience in Electronic Discovery.

General Electric v. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

DisputeSoft was engaged as a consulting expert by the defendant in the matter of General Electric Co. v. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., et al. DisputeSoft utilized an electronic discovery application capable of searching terabytes of potentially relevant data stored on backup tapes, saving Mitsubishi millions of dollars in potential discovery costs.

United States v. Prince, et al.

In the matter of U.S. ex rel. Melan Davis and Brad Davis v. Erik Prince, et al., a qui tam action against the private military contractor Blackwater, DisputeSoft assisted the prosecuting law firm in preparing a protocol and methodology for searching computers and networks for electronically stored information.

Butler v. The New York Times Company

DisputeSoft was engaged by the plaintiff in Butler v. The New York Times Co., a suit filed with the Circuit Court of Alachua County, Florida. The plaintiff claimed that stories printed by the defendant unfairly portrayed him in a false light, and engaged DisputeSoft to assist in discovery and examination of the editorial system used by the newspaper.