Blue Line Media v. Redmon Group

Blue Line Media v. Redmon Group, a software project failure caseDisputeSoft was engaged by Blue Line Media, Inc. to consult and testify in the matter of Blue Line Media, Inc. v. Redmon Group, Inc. Blue Line Media engaged Redmon Group to develop a law enforcement job posting website and brought suit in the Circuit Court of the City of Alexandria, Virginia over Redmon Group’s failure to complete the project. This landmark case was the first major case involving the Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act (UCITA) and resulted in a $1.1 million verdict for Blue Line Media.

In the absence of or in addition to contractual obligations, UCITA prescribes, inter alia, an implied warranty of merchantability and a good faith standard of care in the development of customized software. UCITA also provides for damages over and above monies exchanged.

DisputeSoft software failure experts Jeff Parmet and Todd Trivett assessed the software for compliance with technical and functional specifications and testified that that Redmon Group failed to build and deliver the website using industry standards and practices. The jury awarded Blue Line Media $1.1 million, the full extent of damages claimed and the 13th largest jury award in the state of Virginia for the year.

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