Our team of professionals provides clients with years of experience in the legal and information technology fields, including significant experience as consulting experts, testifying experts, and software analysts. Our experience covers a wide range of areas, including software failure cases, intellectual property disputes, electronic discovery, and computer forensics.

Meet our team:

Jeff Parmet, software dispute expert and Managing Partner
Jeff Parmet
J. Todd Trivett, IT project failure and software intellectual property infringement expert
J. Todd Trivett
G. Hunter Jones, computer forensics and electronic discovery expert
G. Hunter Jones
Frank Hydoski, Managing Director
Frank Hydoski
Allen Klein, IT Litigation Consultant
Allen Klein
Bill Goldman, IT Litigation Consultant
Bill Goldman
Brendan McParland, General Counsel and intellectual property law expert
Brendan McParland
Nick Ferrara, software intellectual property and computer forensics expert
Nick Ferrara
Josh Siegel, systems administrator and software intellectual property expert
Josh Siegel
Isaac Pflaum, software patent and software copyright expert
Isaac Pflaum
Rick Watts, software project failure expert and software litigation consultant
Rick Watts
Tom Ashley, software failure and software copyright and patent infringement expert
Tom Ashley
Anne Ackerman, software law expert
Anne Ackerman
Sandelle Sefa, software engineer and software dispute expert
Sandelle Sefa
T.J. Wolf, IT Litigation Consultant
T.J. Wolf