Josh Siegel

Josh has more than ten years of experience in systems administration and IT resource management, and is responsible for overall systems administration at DisputeSoft. In addition to his IT management responsibilities, Josh performs functional testing, analyzes defect systems and metadata, examines source code in intellectual property disputes, acquires and analyzes data in digital forensics, and finally integrates that data into written reports and testimony.

As a consultant at DisputeSoft, Josh has forensically acquired, rebuilt, and tested numerous system and environments. He has been a technical consultant involved in copyright, patent, and trade secret claims regarding software, often performing source code comparisons to find evidence of literal and non-literal copying of software and related databases. He has been retained as an expert on forensic and intellectual property matters and has written affidavits to support client motions. The results of a code comparison analysis directly led to settlement when no evidence of copying was found. In another matter, a code comparison revealed the presence of open-source code; this discovery led the client to not pursue litigation. Josh has also drafted expert reports and aided in formulating expert witness opinions for failed software and hardware implementation cases. He has analyzed defect, ticketing, and bug-tracking systems, and then performed root cause analyses related to system outages pursuant to SLA, MSA, and warranty requirements.

Josh has been an EnCase Certified Examiner for computer forensics since October, 2012, and has worked on a number of digital forensics matters. He is well practiced at acquiring, preserving, analyzing and searching computer systems, servers, and increasingly cell phones and tablets. He understands the complexity and of acquiring modern mobile devices and server RAID arrays through experience, as well as the difficulty and potential pitfalls surrounding Apple devices. His work and expertise in email and digital forensics helped keep a bright, young student out of the school-to-prison pipeline. His main areas of expertise at DisputeSoft are intellectual property, software and hardware failure, and digital forensics.

As a Systems Administrator at DisputeSoft, Josh has built and administered a domain from the ground up, including Active Directory, Group policy, VPN, telephony, wired and wireless networking, Disaster Recovery and backup strategy, antivirus and SharePoint solutions. He manages updates, backups and recovery for all server data and systems, as well as system security for an office of networked and computers. In addition, Josh also manages all hardware capacity planning, implementation, maintenance and support, as well as supporting and maintaining software licenses and warranties.

Prior to joining DisputeSoft, Josh was a Systems Administrator for TM Associates Management, Inc, where he served as the sole IT resource for their central office and over 150 remote sites. In addition to all of his systems administration experience, he also managed, maintained, and deployed Help Desk support infrastructure throughout the company. From systems repair, recovering deleted data, to virus and malware removal, he has acquired the skills to keep a business running from a large disparate network down to the individual computer level.

Josh graduated from Wesleyan University with a B.A. in Computer Science and a Certificate for Informatics and Modeling. He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator, a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer for Server 2003, and an EnCase Certified Examiner.

The following are some of the cases Mr. Siegel has worked on:

Josh Siegel, systems administrator and computer forensics expert
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B.A., Wesleyan University

EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE), Guidance Software
Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator for Server 2003
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer for Server 2003
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
Microsoft Certified Professional

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