Sandelle Sefa

At DisputeSoft, Sandelle has worked on cases in connection with software failure, software dependability and software delay claims. Sandelle’s case experience mostly includes source code reviews of programs written in Java. Her work on code review has included analyzing the architecture of enterprise Java applications as well as code quality and functionality.

Furthermore, Sandelle has experience using industry-standard static analysis tools including JArchitect and SonarQube. Sandelle assists in performing issue analysis and drafting project chronologies as well as expert reports. Sandelle is currently working on several IT project failure cases involving claims of defective software, schedule delay, and poor project management.

Prior to DisputeSoft, Sandelle worked for several years as an IT analyst and Business Officer specializing in software development, maintenance, problem-solving and trouble-shooting at the World Bank, where she provided daily support to over 30 climate change and carbon specialists. She also wrote and presented a paper on Software Dependability at the 2013 annual Research Day in Washington D.C.

Below are case-specific examples of Sandelle’s skills:

In a project failure case, Sandelle conducted an analysis on source code to determine whether the quality of the application delivered by the developers was acceptable by industry standards. Sandelle’s analysis also determined if the application could be considered as an object-oriented application via analysis of its architecture.

In a software failure case, Sandelle conducted an analysis on the software to determine whether source code was developed to introduce new functionality which purportedly existed at the start of the contract. Her analysis supported claims that the root cause of software failure was due to an ill-prepared vendor selling a product that did not exist.

Sandelle Sefa, software intellectual property and computer forensics expert
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M.S., Howard University

301-251-6313 ext. 108
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