Electronic Discovery

DisputeSoft's experts are skilled in methods of e-discovery (electronic discovery) and information recovery

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In today’s business world, locating, recovering, and reviewing relevant electronically stored information (ESI) for discovery purposes presents a difficult challenge.  Litigators are now confronted with much larger volumes of electronic data than ever before, stored in an ever-growing catalog of digital file formats.

With the explosion of digital files and formats, a cost-efficient manual review of an entire document production is no longer a viable option. Without new techniques for reviewing ESI, electronic discovery can occupy a disproportionate amount of court and attorney time at significant cost.

At DisputeSoft, we have developed successful tools and techniques that mitigate these costs and meet the challenges of today’s discovery environment.  Our services can dramatically reduce the number of documents necessary for attorney review, and can limit costs that might otherwise arise from e-discovery abuses.

Our Services

Our proprietary e-Sift® tools can vastly reduce the volume of discoverable material that must undergo litigation support processing and attorney review.  We have successfully used e-Sift® to reduce client e-discovery costs by orders of magnitude. Read more about our proprietary e-Sift® software.

We also assist counsel in preparing questions for depositions and interrogatories that are designed to discover how potentially relevant ESI is stored by an opposing party.  Understanding how ESI is stored by an opposing party can help limit costs by ensuring that e-discovery efforts are only focused on ESI relevant to a case.

Preservation and Acquisition

While we are not an ESI vendor, on numerous occasions, DisputeSoft has coordinated our expert analytic services with those of electronically stored information (ESI) vendors in preservation efforts to ensure that all items needed for analysis are acquired and preserved in the appropriate format. Involving DisputeSoft in preservation both ensures efficiency and makes certain that we receive the machines and systems needed for our analysis. In cases where we are engaged as consulting or testifying experts, we are prepared to undertake the acquisition of a range of machines and systems, including VMware VMs, AIX LPARS, and Windows databases, among others. DisputeSoft uses a variety of tools, including proprietary internal software, to gather information from both physical and virtual machines. Our EnCase certified forensic analysts often generate backup versions and forensic images of such systems, which can be loaded into EnCase to preserve and inventory relevant files.

DisputeSoft experts are familiar with the process of obtaining the certifications and clearances necessary for outside contractors to gain access to client systems or software, and are sensitive to the requirements surrounding confidential information and shared project drives. Our experts adapt to the specific needs of each client to develop situation-appropriate protocols and procedures for each system to be acquired.


If you are in need of an electronic discovery expert, we invite you to consider DisputeSoft.

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