e-Sift® – Electronic Discovery Software

e-Sift® is a proprietary software application capable of searching vast amounts of ESI and identifying only those documents relevant to a particular matter for attorney review.  e-Sift® sorts through pre-production business records and files in a diverse array of file formats, including emails, spreadsheets, compressed archives, PDFs, and databases, to identify documents necessary for production.

e-Sift® provides attorneys with a mechanism to contain e-discovery costs in both complex litigations and government investigations without recourse to a cost recovery agreement. e-Sift® provides attorneys with the means to prevent discovery abuses by reducing a massive production of largely irrelevant electronic data into a manageable subset of relevant documents.

How e-Sift® Works

As an initial step, DisputeSoft works with attorneys to identify search criteria relevant to litigation, such as keywords, party names, timeframes, and file types.  Once search criteria are determined, we run the e-Sift® software to programmatically search a set of files for any documents meeting the search criteria.

The e-Sift® software searches through files in native format, including files saved in compressed archives and email repositories.  e-Sift® automatically extracts all relevant files matching the search criteria, which can then be presented for attorney review in a number of ways, including file listings, printouts, and Concordance or Summation load files.

Benefits of e-Sift® – A Case Study

DisputeSoft used e-Sift® to assist the defendant in the matter of General Electric Co. v. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., et al.  In this case, Mitsubishi requested production of relevant email messages that were stored on General Electric backup tapes spanning multiple years of business. General Electric argued that this data was inaccessible and that Mitsubishi should cover the estimated $23.4 million cost of performing a comprehensive attorney review of these documents under cost-shifting principles articulated in Zubulake v. UBS Warburg.

As an alternative to spending a significant amount of time and money on a comprehensive review, DisputeSoft’s Jeff Parmet proposed reviewing the backup tapes using the e-Sift® software, which identified and extracted approximately 30,000 documents for review from more than 19 million files, eliminating 99.8 percent of all files from consideration and reducing Mitsubishi’s expected e-discovery costs by two orders of magnitude.

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