International Services

DisputeSoft has a valuable background in international disputes

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We at DisputeSoft understand that software disputes are not a solely domestic occurrence, and that even domestic disputes sometimes have international components. Our experts are willing and available to travel both domestically and internationally. Our international experience has reinforced for us the value of versatility, whether in the ability to adapt to non-US systems of law and its administration, or in the ability to efficiently examine source code or IT systems while on site for a limited period of time.

Our experts have provided services to counsel and litigants across the world, in venues ranging from Canada to Germany to Singapore. We have experience working in international courts, including the International Trade Commission, the International Court of Arbitration, and the American Arbitration Association.

DisputeSoft finds that its international services are also useful for domestic litigation. US litigation can have an international reach, such as a case on which we were engaged involving a Chinese national who misappropriated copyrighted information belonging to an American online company, translated it into Chinese, and sold it online in China and elsewhere. In that case, we followed the trail of individuals and companies, based on evidence found in cyberspace, to locate their presence in the U.S., where service could be effected.

If you find yourself in need of an expert with experience handling cases with international components, please consider DisputeSoft. For an example of a representative case, please see Certification Trendz v. Zhou, et al.

*Please note that while our experts are a versatile group, we are not a multilingual office; we work solely in the English language.

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