Surety Investigations

DisputeSoft's experts are skilled in analyzing the delivery of software projects

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DisputeSoft assists sureties and counsel investigating potential or actual disputes involving software subject to a commercial surety bond. Our services allow sureties to fix exposure, limit liabilities, maximize recovery, and reduce final costs.

Contract Status Evaluation

Software development and implementation contracts include highly technical deliverables requiring expertise and knowledge of industry standards to evaluate their fitness of purpose and ensure their successful delivery. DisputeSoft professionals can assist sureties and counsel in determining whether the parties are meeting their obligations with respect to project tasks, deliverables, and milestones.

Exposure Analysis (Potential or Existing Claims)

When there are questions of either party meeting its obligations, DisputeSoft professionals can assist sureties and counsel in investigating the causes, risks, and available remediation options.

Default/Termination and Claims Analysis

Using our expertise in project management and software engineering, we investigate the materiality, factual basis, and strength of each party’s claims and defenses. Our findings assist the surety and their counsel in determining whether the obligee’s claims meet thresholds for default. Should the claim result in litigation against the surety, we can easily and efficiently transition to a consulting or testifying expert role.

Cost-to-Complete Analysis / Completion Options Evaluation

DisputeSoft professionals can bring their many years of project management and software engineering expertise to bear in evaluating the cost-to-complete of complex software development and implementation projects. We are experienced in applying a variety of industry-standard “top-down” and/or “bottom-up” estimating techniques, depending on project-specific circumstances.

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