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With regard to matters related to computer forensics, DisputeSoft responds only to inquiries from litigation attorneys. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to inquiries from individuals.

A video can be a powerful piece of evidence. With video surveillance cameras just about everywhere these days, the amount of proffered video evidence is understandably on the upswing. However, foundational issues abound. Is the video footage reliable? Has it been altered? When was the video actually taken? Does it reveal what it purports to reveal?

Some videos are too distorted to tell what events are transpiring. Surveillance footage from low-resolution cameras can be especially difficult to make out. Moreover, videos can easily be altered: footage can be edited or removed in order to conceal evidence. In addition, the properties of a video file can be altered to conceal the time and circumstances in which a recording was made. Only careful forensic analysis can reveal whether the video has been changed from what it once was.

Our Services

DisputeSoft has worked with entities from labor unions to businesses to local governments on disputes involving video evidence. The efforts of our experts in different cases have been the difference between disputed video files being excluded or admitted.

DisputeSoft video forensics experts can examine a video file to determine whether footage has been edited or removed. DisputeSoft can also determine whether glitches in a video were added for the purpose of concealing something.

Our forensics experts can also examine a video’s file properties to determine when a recording was actually made or last modified. We can also forensically examine a hard drive to determine if and when a video file was deleted, and whether it is recoverable in whole or in part.

Our experts are skilled at creating still frames from videos for use as demonstratives. In certain cases we can also enhance images and video or increase a video’s contrast to allow what is happening in an image or video to be more easily discerned.

If you are a litigator in need of a video forensics expert, we invite you to consider DisputeSoft.

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