The Ethics of Serving as an Expert Witness

In disputes involving complex technical issues, the opinion of an expert witness can be critical for assisting the trier of fact in understanding the evidence and ascertaining the truth. This imposes an obligation of intellectual honesty upon the expert, whose testimony can affect the outcome of a trial.

DisputeSoft understands that expert witnesses have a duty to provide impartial testimony for consideration by the trier of fact. Though they are often retained by either the plaintiff or the defendant, experts do not take on the role of the advocate for the side which retained them. Rather, their opinions are beholden to all relevant factual evidence produced during the dispute and to the accepted scientific principles of their field.

DisputeSoft takes seriously its responsibility to provide unbiased opinions. Our experts employ reliable, science-based methodologies to uncover sufficient facts and data on which to base their analyses. In some cases, the facts we uncover may require a client to reconsider whether an argument is appropriate.

Thanks to the firm’s devotion to its core values of independence, objectivity, and intellectual honesty – and by faithfully following the spirit and letter of Rule 702 of the Federal Rules of Evidence – DisputeSoft has never been successfully Daubert challenged in more than 15 years and over 340 engagements. Whether a client needs pre-litigation advice, expert analysis, or an expert report, DisputeSoft’s expert witnesses are committed to investigating, analyzing, and reporting the truth.