United States v. Prince, et al.

United States v. Prince, et al., an e-discovery (electronic discovery) caseIn the matter of U.S. ex rel. Melan Davis and Brad Davis v. Erik Prince, et al., a qui tam action against the private military contractor Blackwater, DisputeSoft assisted the prosecution in preparing a protocol for searching computers and networks for electronically stored information.

The case centered on allegations that Blackwater overbilled government contracts for protective services for American diplomats and civilians abroad.  Based on deposition testimony of former Blackwater employees, the prosecution believed that relevant electronically stored information had not been produced by the defendants.

DisputeSoft developed a search methodology designed to examine multiple computers and network servers for responsive material while protecting privileged and non-relevant information from disclosure.  DisputeSoft electronic discovery expert Hunter Jones provided an affidavit detailing this approach that was filed with the prosecution’s motion to compel.

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