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As technology evolves, state and local governments and government agencies periodically look to replace or upgrade legacy systems to improve data management, data protection, information security, and overall performance. Modernizing government systems often requires software implementers to grapple with issues such as cybersecurity, data privacy, organizational change, data migration and analytics, cloud-based infrastructure, and citizen services. Software systems scaled to serve a state or locality often require capacity for handling information for hundreds of thousands of employees or residents, and a failed implementation of such a system can cost millions of dollars in lost productivity and re-development costs.

DisputeSoft understands that attorneys general must resolve complicated disputes in an efficient manner to the benefit of their state’s residents and taxpayers. Our experienced team of skilled software engineers and project failure experts provide the technical expertise necessary to keep an investigation on-track and grounded in the facts, allowing attorneys general to reduce their final costs while maximizing recovery and minimizing exposure to damages.

When engaged prior to litigation, DisputeSoft can help attorneys general to assess the technical merits of a case before incurring the costs of potentially lengthy and expensive litigation. Moreover, if an attorney general wishes to consider the possibility of project recovery, DisputeSoft can also help evaluate the feasibility of a corrective action plan which avoids litigation altogether.


DisputeSoft professionals provide clients with independent analysis and opinions related to software engineering and project management. Our experts apply decades of real-world software development and implementation experience to investigate produced systems and documents, reach findings and opinions, prepare expert reports, and defend opinions at deposition and trial.

Many software failure matters hinge on uncovering the root causes of failure. Some of the many techniques we use to assess the causes of a software project failure include:

  • tracing software functionality through to requirements traceability matrices (RTMs) or other technical specifications
  • assessing code quality using tools such as SonarQube
  • reviewing produced documents related to software engineering and project management
  • manually reviewing code to examine severe or especially important defects
  • assisting in the preservation of systems germane to a dispute
  • standing up systems using virtual machines
  • examining highly confidential systems or source code for a limited time while on-site
  • interviewing fact witnesses
  • assessing project delay and technical debt according to industry-standard project management formulas
  • measuring percent complete according to industry-standard software engineering formulas

Counsel may also request our assistance with drafting requests for production, preparing affidavits and declarations to support motions, or preparing for deposition. Whether a dispute involves allegations of fraud, misrepresentation, negligence, or breach of contract or warranty, our experts provide the technical expertise necessary to arrive at the ultimate causes of project failure.


DisputeSoft has consulted or testified on more than 335 matters on behalf of clients including state governments and agencies and software implementers engaged by those entities. In connection with its work on these matters, DisputeSoft has examined and analyzed systems including:

  • Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS)
  • Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)
  • Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Systems
  • Property Tax Management Systems (PTMS)
  • Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) Systems
  • Unemployment Compensation Systems
  • Payroll Systems
  • Child Support Systems
  • Social Services Systems

Our experts’ robust knowledge of software and the systematic approach we use to tackle every dispute allow us to successfully analyze components of even unfamiliar software and provide value to clients. DisputeSoft experts regularly consult on matters that involve novel or highly customized software products to which we had little previous exposure.

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